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Winged Tapestries


Dates and Times:
Jan 23 - May 14 | Heritage Gallery | Esplanade

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The celebrated scientist Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” In this Canadian Museum of Nature touring exhibit, the larger-than-life images, created by photographer Jim des Rivières, allows the hidden beauty of moths to explode in full. The huge photographs are spectacular with unexpected colours and intricate patterns revealing themselves. Visitors have described the exhibition as “unforgettable.”
For the past several years Jim des Rivières has been photographing moths and butterflies. Working with specimens he collects himself, Jim captures high resolution digital images directly with a desktop flatbed scanner, from which he makes large prints using an inkjet printer. The large prints allow the viewer to see the creatures close up without need of a magnifying glass. This reveals a marvellous world of intricate shapes, structures, and colours that surprise and delight viewers of all ages. In this talk Jim will run through the stages involved in producing these works of art on paper, and showcase some of his favourite moths.
Jim des Rivières is a photographer and fine art printer. His exhibition of 45 large format moth images ( was first shown at Ottawa’s Canadian Museum of Nature in 2010 and is currently touring nature museums in cities across Canada and the U.S., including New York City, Edmonton, Saint John, and now, Medicine Hat.

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