Dates & Times:
Tuesday May 14, 8pm

Dance Comes Home - A Collaborative Dance Performan


Dance Comes Home

Tuesday May 14, 8pm
The Sacred Hoop: Traditional and Modern Aboriginal dance
Choreography by Sandra Yellowhorn & Maria Livingston
Sisters Sandra and Maria explore the modern and traditional dance of their Cree heritage and culture. Performance includes an interpretation of the story of Pukawis, the hoop dance origin story.

Schemata by in'trinzik Dance Project
Schemata explores the mystery of our defense mechanisms and the perpetual battle between our head, our heart and our gut. This piece uses contemporary dance to recreate the depths of this cause and effect. Schemata defines the human ability to manipulate, deny and distort reality along with the physical repercussions that follow. The choreography of this piece was inspired by the principle that all natural phenomena is explained through physical causes.
Tickets $15 available at the AAC – 318 7 Street South