Dates & Times:
Sat FEB 04–Sun APR 30

From Pianos to Power Chords


Can you imagine a day without music? It surrounds us each and every day - almost everywhere we go, we can have easy access to music in our lives. But it wasn’t always this way.
Over 100 years ago when Lethbridge was just becoming a city, music was much more rare. You had to own an instrument, or know someone who could play one, just to have access to music. Before radios became common, you would likely only hear music during a concert or a parade, which meant that music was a driving force that helped bring our community together.

From Pianos to Power Chords, organized by guest curator Tyler Stewart, takes a deeper look at how music has helped to unite us. From the first static-filled radio broadcasts to the high-fidelity recordings of today, along with the garage bands, symphonies and late-night jam sessions in between, this exhibition showcases the sounds coming out of Southern Alberta.

Tyler Stewart is an independent curator and writer based in Lethbridge. His past experience includes work with the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, and most recently, guiding the development of 21,000 square feet of innovative new exhibitions for the National Music Centre in Calgary, the first museum dedicated to telling the story of music in Canada. He has also been playing music for nearly two decades and has toured all over the country in too many bands to remember.