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Exhibition Park - Lethbridge & District Exhibition
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3401 Parkside Drive South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
T1J 4R3
Phone: (403) 328-4491
Fax: (403) 320-8139

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  Ag Expo 2014

Dates and Times:
February 26, 27, 28

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Ag Expo is Western Canada’s Premier Ag Show.  Held in early March, visitors to the show can expect to find exhibitors whose product can directly affect, and improve, agricultural production. 
This includes farm equipment, livestock supplies, chemicals, seeds, irrigation, producers and marketers of crops and livestock, and much more.  In addition, guests can meet with exhibitors who offer new technology, brokerage services, communications, banking, and other “Tools of the Trade” exhibitors. 
The show uses over 100,000 sq ft of covered indoor space, and offers another 100,000 sq ft of outdoor space.
Ag Expo is also host to the North American Seed Fair.  There are over 53 classes in Pedigreed Seed Classes, Open Classes, and Junior Classes at the Seed Fair.  Displayed on the Seed Floor of the South Pavilion, the North American Seed Fair is one of the oldest Seed Fair’s in Western Canada.

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