Dates & Times:

Lighting Up Festival Square



Schedule of Events

Wednesday, June 22

11:00am- Official Grand Opening Ceremony
11:30am- Blackfoot Drumming
12:00pm- BRZ BBQ Mix & Mingle (ACTO Stage)- Kristy Bruised Head & White Buffalo Singers
1:00pm- BRZ BBQ Mix & Mingle (Festival Square Stage)- Celtic Routes
2:00pm- BRZ BBQ Mix & Mingle (ACTO Stage)- Conservatory (SATbC)
3:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Patrick Bald Eagle- Northstrone drum group
4:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Gabe Thaine
5:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Highland Dancing
6:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Shakepeare in the Park - Southern Accord Busking (Location TBA)
7:00pm- Lighting Up Festival Square- Lighting Up Festival Square- Speaking
7:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Theatre Outre/Pride
8:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Theatre Outre/Pride
9:00pm- Act Finishes

Thursday, June 23

11:00am- Farmers Market - Tell it like it is Poets
12:00pm- Farmers Market- Centric Music Fest
1:00pm- Farmers Market- Sky's of Rigor/ Stephanie Crow Brave Rock
2:00pm- Farmers Market- Conservatory of Music (Christine Bootland)
3:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Abracadabra
4:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Rudy Standling Wolf
5:00pm- Festival Square Entertainment- Little Lethbridge Opera Co. - Dale Ketcheson at Lighthouse- Busking
6:00pm- Youth Stage Entertainment- Chinook High School Jazz & Rock Band - Evening Market
7:00pm- Youth Stage Entertainment- Last Minute Let Downs - Evening Market
8:00pm- Youth Stage Entertainment- New Testaments- Evening Market
9:00pm- Act Finishes

Friday, June 24

12:00pm- Pop Up Yoga
1:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- Heros & Princesses
1:45pm- Hootenanny!
2:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- The band formerly known As Karen, Lewis and Pam
2:45pm- Hootenanny!
3:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- Jj First Charger/ Westwin Thunders
3:45pm- Hootenanny!
4:00pm- Family Fun at Festival Square- Sheldon Day Chief & Dancers
4:45pm Hootenanny!
5:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- Indigidrip
6:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- Willy Big Bull
6:45pm- Lethbridge Musical Theatre One-Act Play- Priscilla Pringle's Predicament
7:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- Makiisma
8:00pm- Festival Square Stage Entertainment- John Wart Hannam
9:00pm- Act Finishes

Saturday, June 25

Pride in the Park
Heavy Metal, Casa