About Duchess Hotel

The Duchess Hotel has roots in the community stretching as far back as 1916. Since that time it has become a registered Hotel and Bar in 1925. Despite the age of the business, the Hotel maintains an incredible open door policy where the doors never close. This can also be seen in the Hotel's interaction with the Duchess Community. The Hotel has been very involved with functions and events in the community with the hosting of conventions, functions, benefits, and community events. The Hotel has also been an avid donor in the community. 

An interesting bit of history, The Duchess hotel has a sister Hotel in Australia. This was made known a few years back when the owners of the Duchess Hotel in Australia made contact with Sue Oppernan. After exchanging Hotel paraphernalia, the knowledge of the Duchess Hotel is just as strong here as it is in the land of the down under. 


Description of Services

The Duchess hotel offers many different services. The Hotel offers 10 rooms in which to stay. They also have a Bar and liquor store. The Hotel can also be used as a meeting place accommodating up to 125 people. The Hotel also offers a games room and VLT's. The best service that they have become known for is for their Steak Pit and dining area where guests can custom grill their steak to perfection.