About Hamlet of Tilley

The Hamlet of Tilley is a quaint community located 24 km east of the City of Brooks on the TransCanada Highway and in the middle of a very diverse oil, gas and agricultural area.  Irrigated farming surrounds Tilley, where an assortment of crops flourish and livestock are raised. Also working parallel with agriculture in our area, we have a very active petroleum Industry.  A range of recreational amenities and a variety of events throughout the year keep the residents of Tilley busy.  Hunters know Tilley for the many great fishing spots and some of the best duck, goose and pheasant hunting in Alberta.

Tilley is a community where neighbours support each other. We have volunteers from all walks of life that bring forward the true sense of looking out for your neighbour, which only exists in a small village. The Village of Tilley is a safe and healthy environment for all people, especially those raising families and starting up businesses.

In Tilley strangers are just friends we have not met yet. Tilley is full of hospitality!