About Lake Newell Marsh & Nature Trails

A very diversified ecology has resulted from the waters of Lake Newell, greatly increasing the variety of wildlife species found in this area. The Eastern Irrigation District has been able to help, jointly, develop this ecosystem for the viewing pleasure of hobbyists, outdoor enthusiasts, and cyclists. Kinbrook has an incredible diversity of Bird Species, ecosystems, and wildlife. Lake Newell is often very highly regarded for its Bird Diversity during both Spring and Winter Migrations in Southern Alberta. If you enjoy a good hike in the outdoors, taking a mountain bike our for a spin, or watching birds, then this is a perfect route for you.   


Trail Etiquette  

  • Please stay on developed trail
  • Use caution when cattle are present on undeveloped trail routes
  • Pedestrians have right-of-way; cyclists use caution
  • Please cause as little disturbance to wildlife as possible
  • Vegetation and nests are for viewing only
  • Please do not litter; waste receptacles are provided
  • Always keep pets on a leash 


Kinbrook Island Provincial Park