About Evangelos Music Ltd.

Evangelos Music Ltd. accuired the United Conservatory of Music Retail store in 2008.

The United Conservatory of Music was established in 1972 as a small music school with roughly 25 students. Now 40+ years later we have grown to become the largest music school in Medicine Hat and area with over 800 students. Along with the success of our music school came the birth and growth of the United Conservatory of Music retail store. Purchased by Evangelos Music Ltd. in 2008, We are the largest musical instrument retailer in Medicine Hat offering a huge selection of quality instruments along with a knowledgable staff ready to serve your needs.

We provide our customers with the top brands of Instruments and accessories at competitive prices. Our brands include: Roland, Boss, Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor, Ovation, Young Chang, Ibanez, Schecter, B.C. Rich, Squier, Pearl, Gretsch, Tama, Sabian, Zildjian, Korg, Traynor, Marshall, Genz Benz, Hartke, Warwick, Cort...