About 1M One Meal Apparel

At school we were challenged to design a business. So we decided that we wanted to give back to the community through our business. We noticed that there were lots of different brands that gave things like shoes or planted trees. These are great depending on the needs of the chosen community. In our community, grasslands, there are kids that come to school hungry.

They don't get breakfast, and while some schools have programs not all of them can afford to feed their students. That's where we come in. One meal is a humanitarian organization that strives to provide meals to kids. Our brand of clothing sees part the proceeds from our sales go directly back into our community. For every piece of apparel bought we donate a meal that feeds a hungry kid in the grasslands community.

On top of that we also donate a meal to feed children in other communities around the world. That means the cost of a one meal item covers the cost for a meal in grasslands and a meal somewhere around the world. Our business is small, but it's growing. With every purchase we come closer to feeding children, stopping hunger, and strengthening communities. Stopping hunger is what we strive for but it's going to take a whole lot of support from you guys.