About Alberta Bike Swap

We focus on adult bikes, while different groups, such as the BikeXchange at St. Cecilia in Calgary, do a great job of making sure kids are looked after.

We put our money where our wheels are, and will continue to donate half the profit to community cycling-based initiatives rather than define success by money only.

Bikes sold at the swap are safer than a garage sale purchase because our squad of volunteer bike techs, led by the Mechanahands, perform a basic safety and mechanical check of each bike. If it’s not in the sale – there is something significant that would prevent the bike from being safely ridden away from the swap. The issues we’ve had to deal with include a cracked frame. Some good bikes with a minor issue will go into the sale with a descriptive tag.

We are geared toward name brand, adult oriented bikes.

There are thousands of new economy bikes available from a number of outlets, they are referred to as ‘bicycle shaped objects’, that are better to look at than to ride. Unless they come to swap in brand new condition, they will not pass the safety check.

We record all the serial numbers, there is paper trail of ownership. We strongly suggest the new owner register their purchased bike with the National bike registry.